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USB Cables / FireWire  Cables

Serial Data Transfer

USB 2.0 Cables and FireWire cables are used to connect  systems to peripherals via the USB or FireWire  interfaces. FireWire is intended for high-speed data transfer, while USB was designed for lower speed  applications.

Our USB Cables and FireWire assemblies meet the current published FireWire and USB cable specifications. Custom variations for System Integrators and OEMs are also available.

USB Cable / FireWire Cable Features & Benefits

     Serial data transfer connections allow flexibility in the types of devices that can be  connected together, and put less restrictions on  designers and users.

     Physically small form factors allow for  unencumbered handling.

     FireWire allows 62 devices to be connected  together while USB 2.0 allows 127 devices to be  connected together. Both interfaces allow one  system to access multiple devices at the same  time.

     FireWire and USB 2.0 interfaces are standardized,  making device installation and access across  various operating systems effortless.

USB 2.0 Cable / FireWire Cable Applications

      FireWire cables for: digital camcorders, cameras, PDA, IPOD™ and communications devices.

     USB Cables for: Scanners, printers, keyboard/mouse and other computer peripherals.

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