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Custom Cables
Custom Molded Cables and Cable Assemblies

Need custom cables, custom molded cables or custom assemblies of any kind? You found the right custom cable manufacturer. We have been supplying OEM's  and ODM's in the computer, medical, and communications industries with US made as well as offshore molded products for over twenty years. We have the technology and the engineering experience to design, prototype and manufacture your product on time, per your specifications, and at a very attractive price. We want to be your custom cable manufacturing partner, and are prepared to work very hard to win your trust.

Molded Cables are more rugged, weigh less and are more economical than similar conventionally fabricated cable assemblies. The fully molded plugs provide durable protection to all internal termination parts which results in better resistance to moisture, contamination, dust, dirt, etc., and the built-in cable strain relief and flex relief protects against wire breakage.

Injection Molding Capabilities:
Our plastic injection molding capabilities are very extensive. In addition to a wide variety of existing off-the-shelf molds, we can design custom molds to increase the aesthetics and ergonomics of your custom cables trough some of the most advanced cable overmolding technology in the industry. All of our cable assemblies and cable harnesses are 100% tested for continuity, shorts and appearance.

As a diversified custom cable manufacturer, we are also make high technology embedded electronics cables and overmolded PCB cables. Our state-of-the-art insert molding and custom cable molding capabilities provide precision, high quality, and consistency for the widest variety of cable overmolding applications.

We support our customers from the concept phase to design and implementation. Our assistance includes, insert molding design recommendations, part consolidation, material selection, insert layout and handling. We work closely with our customers towards achieving a true "zero defect" performance.

Being extremely customer oriented is what translates our advanced engineering and custom cable manufacturing expertise into consistent high quality custom cables for our OEM and our reseller partners. Our technical staff can work with you to upgrade and redesign your existing assemblies, re-evaluate them to increase performance, and reduce manufacturing costs. We are equipped to handle any type of custom cable manufacturing project, from low volume, to medium volume, as well as high volume production. In addition our US and Mexico manufacturing facilities, we also have extensive offshore manufacturing of custom cables under our strict quality control, to greatly reduce your cost and assure the high quality you require.

Highlights of custom molded cable applications:

     RoHS Compliant: Custom Molded Cables, Cable Assemblies
     Molded Medical Cables
     Over-molded Wire Harnesses and Custom cables
     Injection Molding Tooling Design for Custom Molded Cable Applications
     Custom Molded Connectors
     RF Cable Assemblies
     Fiber Channel & Infiniband cable molding
     Camera Link Cable Assemblies
     FireWire Cables
     High Volume USB Custom Molded Cables
     HDMI Molded Cables
     High Definition Digital DVI Cable Overmolding
     SCSI, SAS & SATA Custom Cables
     Overmolded D-Sub Cables w/ Ferrite
     AV Cables, 3.5mm Stereo Plug cables
     Power Cords
     Molded Cisco Cables and Cisco Cable Assemblies
     Patch cords with Boots / Strain Relief / Flex Relief
     Molded, halogen-free Camera Link cable
     Channel Link Cable Assemblies

If you are looking for a custom cable manufacturing partner, you need to look no further. As a custom cable manufacturer with a long tradition in custom molded cables as well as traditional custom cable assemblies, we have the technology, the manufacturing capability and the expertise to provide you with the custom cables you require, quickly, affordably, and without compromising quality.

For Molded Cable Manufacturing at its Best
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