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Cable Engineering Services & More!

In addition to custom cable and harness manufacturing, we provide a wide range of engineering services:

     Design Services / Cable Engineering / Prototyping
     Custom Design Assistance
     CAD Design and 3D Drafting
     Stereolithography, Plastic Prototypes
     Electronic Circuit Design Services
     Mechanical Design Engineering Services
     PCB Layout Services
     PCB Stuffed Prototype Engineering Services
     Custom Connector Manufacturing
     Metal stamping
     Injection Mold Tool Design
     Insert Molding Services
     Failure Analysis
     QA Systems

We also provide:

     Project Management
     Cost Reduction Programs
     Import Services
     Logistical Management
     Global Sourcing Services

Design, Manufacturing, and Quality Expertise
In addition to our in-house engineering staff, we work with several outside industrial design consulting groups to provide a practically unlimited range of engineering services. These groups have worked with many of our customers in the development of new products - from molded plastic parts and printed circuit boards to complete sub-assembly design. Utilizing these extensive resources, we are able to cost-effectively expedite the design and production of new products.

For Expert  Design, Prototyping and Cable Engineering Services
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