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 Ultra SCSI .8mm Cables

ANSI specifications for SCSI III and FAST SCSI, Ultra SCSI have introduced the Ultra SCSI .8mm connector to  supplement the existing 50 and 68 position SCSI connectors. Cable Connection Ultra SCSI cables are ANSI compliant with an impedance of 90 ohms. We use only AMP .8mm connectors and  back shells, which come standard with thumbscrews and Madison FAST SCSI 34 pair cable in the construction of these assemblies.

Ultra SCSI is the next major performance advancement to the SCSI after Fast SCSI 2. Ultra SCSI boosts data transfer rates from the Fast SCSI 2 limit of 10 Mbytes per second to 20 Mbytes per second. It also doubles the Fast Wide SCSI 2 data transfer rate from 20 Mbytes per second to 40 Mbytes per second. These performance improvements create the bandwidth necessary to support the data intensive applications to be used in the Ultra SCSI generation of servers, workstations and highend computers.

Backward Compatiblity
Ultra SCSI is backwards compatible with previous generations of SCSI and uses the same physical environment. Cables, connectors and terminators that support SCSI can also support Ultra SCSI. Morst importantly, Ultra SCSI can be integrated without having to modify or change operating systems. Ultra SCSI can accommodate system level technology advancements and increase performance for their endusers. Ultra SCSI is the cost effective solution for servers and workstations.


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