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Custom Cable Assembly

Cable Connection's local custom cable assembly manufacturing operation is structured for short notice, quick turnaround requirements.

     Raw cable and connector inventories are maintained at a level to guarantee customer commit dates which are met on time, every time!

     Detailed production drawings and specifications are archived to provide  technical guidelines for our purchasing and manufacturing operations.

     Ongoing production training is performed regularly to ensure that assembly, test, and inspection produces consistently superior product.


For industry standard products, such as AV cables, DVI, HDMI, S-Video or SCSI, SAS, SATA cables, Cable Connection maintains a library of 2 Million pinouts that meet most  customer requirements. Issues such as non-standard pinouts, pairing, cable impedance, or connector mating, are addressed and solved prior to each  production run.

Custom fiber optic, video, communications, SCSI, SAS, SATA, Camera Link and Channel Link custom cable assemblies are manufactured on-site allowing engineering samples and production runs to be  quickly completed and delivered.

Cable Connection maintains expert engineering design support for both custom cable assembly and molded assemblies. New cable designs, as well as improvement over  established designs, can be prototyped and moved rapidly into production. We can provide engineering drawings to customers that do not maintain CAD resources and, in most instances, system level hardware and troubleshooting assistance for interconnect problems.

Cable Connection offers you the engineering expertise and manufacturing  experience that allows us to be
"Your Total Cable Solution".


For the Best in Custom Cable Assembly
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