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    Company Mission Statement

    As a leading cable assembly manufacturer, Cable Connection, Inc. develops, produces and markets cable assemblies worldwide to the electronic, medical, communication, agriculture, automotive and aerospace and military industry. Cable Connection is committed to contribute to progress in interconnect technology, and to satisfy and delight customers through innovation, quality manufacturing and superior service.

    Cable Connection designs and manufactures a wide variety of cable assemblies and electronic connector products. Cable Connection provides reliable and effective solutions to problems faced by electronic equipment manufacturers, medical equipment manufacturers, and contract manufacturers.

    Cable Connection is fast to respond to its customers’ needs, with Kanban programs, logistics requirements, local inventories, central order entry and processing, broad distribution, and total quality management.

    Cable Connection prides itself with its total quality management system. Cable Connection is committed to providing defect free products that meet our Customers’ needs with continuous improvement through our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 quality system.

    At Cable Connection, we believe that customer service combined with quality products at an affordable price provides customer satisfaction.

    Corporate Social ResponsibilityCorporate Social Responsibility

    At Cable Connection, we recognize the concerns over business ethics, worker safety and fairness, human health and environmental risks associated with our company. This is why Cable Connection is actively adopting Responsibility Business Alliance (RBA) sustainability guidelines and will continue to support our company’s purpose that benefits our employees, suppliers, customers, communities, and the planet.

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