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Locted in Fremont, California, our company is a reliable Cable Assembly Manufacturer, Supplier and Wholesaler offering a very large diversity of cabling products for both copper and fiber optic applications; Our production capabilities include Cable Assembly Design, Engineering, Prototypes, Molding, Tooling and Global Manufacturing Services for cables, electronics, medical devices, PCBs, electric and electronic harness assemblies and more.

The value of any supplier lies in the quality of the products and services that it provides. Since our establishment, Cable Connection has experienced an outstanding rate of sales growth as we have become a preferred supplier to a number of Fortune 500 companies. We attribute our success to an intense and continuous focus on providing our customers with the highest quality products and services at the most competitive prices in the marketplace. This philosophy serves as the foundation of our mission to become a globally recognized and preferred cable manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of the highest quality electronic assemblies available within the industries that we serve.

patch-cord-assembliesAs the company has grown, we have been able to successfully expand both the depth and scope of our capabilities through the addition of top engineers and management professionals with expertise in the fields of electronics, PCBs / printed circuit board assembly, turnkey product manufacturing, cable assembly technology, and industrial design.

Vertical Integration

In today's ever-changing electronics marketplace, where product life cycles are constantly shrinking, companies need suppliers like Cable Connection, who can provide quality products and services, including functional cable prototypes and samples, in the shortest amount of time. In support of this, our manufacturing philosophy centers upon the concept of vertical integration. This simply means that wherever possible we strive to develop our own in-house capabilities from design through finished product.  Over the years, we have vertically integrated our cable assembly operations from start to finish. Beginning with drawing the individual wire conductors from copper rod and including blending the polymers used in the extrusion of insulation, Cable Connection controls all of the key processes through the final assembly, testing and packaging of the cable assembly or harness. In so doing, we reduce our dependence on outside suppliers while increasing our ability to be responsive to our customers' needs.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities Overseas

With manufacturing campuses in Shenzhen and Hangzhou in China and plans for future expansion in other regions of the world, Cable Connection is poised to be a world class producer for the industries and customers we serve. Our globally deployed and customer-focused sales support staff, is able to reliably provide our customers with valued-added solutions, relative to all aspects of their electronic assembly and cable design needs. We look forward to the opportunity to prove ourselves to you, and to become a productive member of your team.

Cable Connection and Wilco Wire Technology

Cable Connection, a premiere manufacturer of custom cables and wire harnesses and Wilco Wire Technology, a manufacturer specializing in OEM cable assemblies and harnesses have merged, becoming one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers of bulk wire and cable, custom cables and wire harnesses on the West Coast. The combined company is located in the former Wilco facility in Fremont, California and operates under the Cable Connection company name.

Cable Connection - one of the Largest Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Manufacturers on the West Coast

The merger brings some distinct business advantages to the companies and their combined customer base including:

  • Manufacturing access for high volume customers to Cable Connection's off-shore capabilities in China
  • Product and process synergies that expand the ability of both companies to service their customer bases as a "one-stop-shop" for custom molded cables, RF cables, wire wrapping, and complex wire harnesses
  • Wilco Wire has been a leading source for domestic manufacturing of cable and harness assemblies, wire wrap boards, and box builds
  • Custom and specialized high-quality cabling products in a more cost-efficient way that will be appealing to the high volume customer base

Norcomp Agreement

The newly-combined Cable Connection company has signed an agreement with Norcomp, a leading manufacturer's representative, located in Sunnyvale, California.

Norcomp employs a world-class sales force dedicated to bringing a variety of IC products and services to customers in the consumer, networking and test & measurement marketplace. This agreement significantly expands the Cable Connection existing direct sales force and provides Cable Connection with high-profile access to Norcomp's complementary base of customers. This agreement allows greater product capabilities, such as:

  • Semiconductor Components
  • Wire Harnesses
  • Semi-rigid coax cables
  • Unique cable assemblies
  • Any volume level

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Cable Connection - Located in California, United States, Cable Connection is a premier manufacturer of standard and custom cables and wire harnesses for the Electronics, Communication, and Medical Industries.

Wilco Wire Technology - Wilco Wire Technology is a manufacturer specializing in OEM cable and harness assemblies, wire wrap boards, and box builds for the emerging Solar, Telecommunication, and Aircraft Industries.

Norcomp - Norcomp, Inc., a manufacturers' representative located in Sunnyvale, California employs a world-class sales force dedicated to bringing leading-edge solutions to a wide array of customers in the consumer, networking and test & measurement marketplace.

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