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Rapid Prototyping of Cabling Products and PCBs for Computer, Networking, Telecom, Medical, Automotive and more

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through-hole-pcbWe have in house capabiilties for a very large diversity of cabling products, PCBs and electronics and we offer rapid prototyping services to customers worldwide. Our cable assembly prototypes, designed, engineered and certified to the highest standards are made with globally sourced components and materials, thus beeing very competitive in any market.

Our Cable Assembly Prototyping Services include assistance with layout, routing, materials of construction, component selection and design for manufacturing. We can develop an accurate cost model in order to provide preliminary cost data and pricing.

What sets us apart is our fast response - If you need a cable assembly prototype, Request a Quick Quote today. Chances are our specialists will design and build your custom made or built to spec cable assembly or PCB in very short time. We are a reliable West Coast cable assembly supplier with prototyping teams in the USA, China, and India.

Our skilled professionals will help you in the development of your  cable assemblies, wire harnesses, electronics and PCBs. We work quickly and closely with you, your team, and your project to help you optimize your cable assembly or harness. We will also  make suggestions to reduce costs, global sourcing opportunities, vertical integration options, quality control and process management for various lot sizes and delivery times and more. Working with you during the prototype stage will result in a better cable assembly, wire harness or PCB, all achieved while reducing the cost of production and improving product reliability.

As a reliable cable assembly prototyping company in the USA, we provide state of the art services and excellent customer support. Please see below why you should work with us:

  • No need to use valuable engineering resources, building your own prototypes
  • Quick Deliveries - Short times from the initial consultation to the delivery of prototypes
  • One stop cable assembly supplier - you will not have to work with multiple suppliers to develop your wire harness, cable assembly or PCBl prototypes

Cable Assembly Prototypes by Type

  • flat-cable-assemblies-idc-jumper-ffcCoaxial Cable Prototypes
  • Multi-Conductor Cable Prototypes
  • Flat Cable Prototypes
  • Fiber Optic Cable Prototypes
  • Wire Harness Prototyping
  • Cable Molding and Strain Relief Prototypes

Cable Assembly Prototypes by Application

  • Computer Cable Assembly Prototypes
  • Network Cable Prototypes
  • Medical Cable Prototypes
  • Automotive Harness Prototypes
  • Many other Applications
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