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    Data Center Cables

    Data Center CablesCable Connection’s unique product offering of E-Maxx®. Our data center cable assembly solutions provide a complete platform addressing the ever increasing demand for higher channel density with a high level of signal integrity.

    Cable Connection data center cables products help eliminate common issues for cables within a data center by providing:

    • Extremely low Insertion Loss Deviation (ILD) and best-in-class Integrated Cross-talk Noise (ICN) through the use of Cable Connection’s unique E-MAXX® data center cable technology
    • A patented paddle-card design, optimized for signal integrity and mechanical performance
    • Controlled wire management and termination processes, assuring consistent high speed electrical performance
    • Low profile designs with very low metal content, optimizing air flow and reducing heat

    Cable Connection Data Center Cable Solution Product Lines:

    • NEW! ACTIVE QSFP+ 40Gb/s Cable assemblies using Texas Instruments equalizer IC configuration
    • 40 gigabit QSFP+ cables (Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable Plus)
    • 10 gigabit SFP+ copper cables (Small Form Factor Pluggable Plus)
    • High-speed Serial Mini SAS cables and Mini SATA cables

    Contact us today and explore how Cable Connection can solve your data center cabling needs.

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