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Patch Cables & Adapters

Cable Connection offers patch cables using silver satin 4, 6 and 8 conductor wire. Our standard wire assemblies are wired straight thru. Custom lengths and pin configurations are also available, such as crossover, 568-A, 568-B, etc. Modular adapters are also available to bridge every cross-connection requirement.

Call us with your specific requirements for any of the following modular cords, patch cables, and kits:

     RJ11 - 4 Conductor Patch Cords
     RJ12 - 6 Conductor Patch Cables
     RJ45 - 8 Conductor Patch cables
     Gigabit Ethernet Patch Cables
     Straight and crossover, 1000Base-T

     Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6e and Cat 7 Patch Cables
     Modular Adapter Kits (Unassembled)

Color-Coded Modular Adapters
Using modular adapters has become a popular way to run client server applications. Needing to connect a multitude of devices to a central patch panel or directly to a MUX via RS232, many network planners have implemented modular adapters as the most cost effective way to implement the interconnection.

Whether used in a wiring closet or throughout the office, color-coded modular adapters lend easy identification and differentiation to your complex cable runs. By color coding your connections, you cut down on troubleshooting time while taking full advantage of the benefits of this modular adapter approach.

For Modular Cable Manufacturing at its Best
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